Student Support Coach

The Role of a Student Support Coach:

Drives social emotional supports within school buildings through relationships and intentional practices

  (student to student, staff to student)

Encourages behavior to be TAUGHT not EXPECTED, Restorative discipline not punitive punishment

Institutes programs that help school staff meet the needs of students who struggle 

-behaviorally, emotionally or socially

Who is the Lookout Valley  "SSC":
[email protected] phone: 51511
Jamie Taylor has been with Hamilton County Schools since 2002 with the majority of her experience at Ooltewah Middle.  She joined us at Lookout Valley Middle High in 2023.
Her background includes 13 years of classroom teaching, 8 years as a School Counselor, and 20 years as an athletic coach.
She is a mother of 2 college-aged children who both attended Hamilton County Schools. 

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