School History

Lookout Valley is a community located eight minutes from downtown Chattanooga. It is an area in transition from a closed, small-town atmosphere to a suburbia of a medium-sized southern city. The area served by Lookout Valley Middle High School includes Lookout Valley, Tiftonia, and parts of St. Elmo.

In 1957, construction of Lookout Valley Junior High School began. In 1958, the junior high school included grades six through eight. During the next school year, the junior high school served grades seven through nine. High school students attended Central High School.

In 1971, the addition of a high school was completed. Willing eleventh graders returned from Central High School. The following year, Lookout Valley High School served grades seven through twelve. In 1973, Lookout Valley was annexed by the city of Chattanooga.  In 1989, grade six was added.

Lookout Valley Middle High School currently serves a student population of approximately 350 in grades 6 through 12.  Students participate in a wide variety of sports, arts, and academic pursuits.

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